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IS THIS BULL RUN BITCOIN’S FINAL CYCLE? - Why this bitcoin price bull run could be the market cycle that takes us from gradually to suddenly reaching hyperbitcoinization.

Part three in the “Bitcoin: The Big Bang To End All Cycles” series.

Today, we will observe Bitcoin through the lens of an emergent technology being adopted by a world that’s rapidly transitioning from the Industrial Age into the Information Age. In our modern environment, each successive technological innovation is being adopted at an ever-increasing rate.

Frankly, no one knows how the transition to a Bitcoin standard will look, myself included. However, today I will make the case why the transition won’t occur in a linearly-predictable manner.

Contents Exponential Technology In The Digital Age Network Effects And Technological S-Curves Bitcoin The Monetary J-Curve The Big Fish Who Will Trigger Escape Velocity On-Chain, Fundamental Shift-Supply Squeeze Imminent? The Second S-Curve: Bitcoin The Network Moon Math: Bitcoin’s Total Addressable Market? Supercycle? Is The 2022 Bull Market The Final Cycle? Hyperbitcoinization Exponential Technology In The Digital Age

Our world is radically transforming before our eyes as we transition from the Industrial Age into the Digital Age. I believe this nascent technology we call Bitcoin is uniquely poised to play a steadying role in what will be a radically turbulent transition.

Figure one: Transition from the physical to digital world (source).

As more and more of our lives are moving from the analog world into the digital world, we’ve watched a lot of our information and communications digitized through the adoption of the internet.

This digitization and democratization of information and communication has already radically transformed our modern society. Think about how quickly we dumped Blockbuster for Netflix, or our old MP3 players for Spotify.

It’s inevitable that our value, in the form of money, will eventually be digitized through this technological revolution. I feel it will also have profoundly transformative impacts upon our society, the same way the internet did.

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