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I've built a tool making it easy to inherit Bitcoins to your loved ones in a worst-case scenario (death, coma, etc)

Insure GUI - Bitcoin Insurance Transaction Crafter

GUI for creating bitcoin cryptocurrency life insurance transactions

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Table of Contents About The Project

This project provides the functionality of signing a bitcoin transaction TODAY which is only valid AFTER a later point in time. Currently, only Ledger hardware wallets are supported, the plan is to add Trezor and Coldcard once I own these devices..

How this works:

Connect your Ledger to your computer (navigate to the coin app on your Ledger) Run this application Sync your wallet (this might take a little while) Set a recipient (beneficiary) of your Insurance transaction, if something bad would happen to you Set a validity date, the transaction you're about to create is not valid before this day (minimum is 1 year) Create the insurance Confirm on your Ledger hardware wallet Save your Insurance as a PDF (Button on the upper left Menu bar)

If you're still alive and well before this day, make sure you move your coins - send them to a new address you own - thus invalidating the insurance transaction before it becomes valid In the horrible case of death, your beneficiary will have this insurance transaction and will be able to claim the coins

Getting Started

Don't use this tool of you don't understand what it is trying to do.

If you want to use it, please give it a test run with testnet coins first.

THIS IS BETA, if not ALPHA version software and is guaranteed to contain bugs.


You need to connect to a Electrum node to retrieve information about your current balances:

For testnet:

For mainnet:

You can set the Electrum server in the Settings.

To run in development mode, you can run npm run dev To build the tool into an executable, you c...

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