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Craig Wright Is Not Satoshi Nakamoto – the Technical Proof (2016)

Craig Wright has failed to prove that he is Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. This article will explain technical facts that show how Craig Wright has not offered any conclusive evidence that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. Furthermore, Craig Wright’s self-published verification script reveals the he had played a clever deception, but had not been smart enough to hide it from even cursory technical scrutiny.

The Takeaway

This article explains several proofs that debunk Craig Wright’s claims that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. It has recently become apparent that Satoshi Nakamoto was (and still is) a team of individuals. Wright may be a member of the team, but his claim is singular, and this is the claim being refuted below.

The definitive finding is that Craig Wright has not proven key ownership, and that the verification script he used (and self-defeatingly published) contains a deception that may have fooled non-technical journalists, but that is apparent to the average command line user.

Proving Private Key Ownership

Various tools allow us to generate public-private key pairs. You keep the private key secret. Public keys are ordinarily published to key-servers distributed across the internet, or can be included in a web page or email. Anyone can download anyone else’s published public key.

The procedure for proving private key ownership involves a simple standard task. Someone sends you a message, you sign it with your private key, return the signed message to the sender who is then able to verify your private key signature with your corresponding public key.

Craig Wright has avoided this self-evident, simple procedure at every request.

Private Demonstrations

Instead he has opted for a complicated process of verifying signatures via raw command line tools. In private demonstrations to journalists at the BBC and The Economist, Craig Wright signed a message provided by himself and then verified its signature, again by himself...

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