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Corona > Supply and demand shock > Liquidity crisis > Asset crisis. Will we see a currency crisis next and what will happen to Bitcoin?

Prediction: What Will Happen After The Asset Bubble Bottoms Out?

In our previous article, we introduced the idea of Bitcoin becoming a safe haven. Yet, its value went down. So is Bitcoin a safe haven or not?

Here’s the light at the end of that tunnel. But it will get very ugly first.

In short: We might see two collapses. One is an asset collapse (happening now). Then a currency collapse. Then a rise of a new monetary system.

Bubbles always burst!

Bubbles tend to burst from “ Black Swan events”. A Black Swan event is the trigger that causes an economic collapse. It is something that pops the bubble that was overlooked before but the bubble becomes very apparent only after it has popped.

The trigger for the asset bubble was the Coronavirus. But the asset bubble collapse was inevitable anyway because of inflated prices from ETFs and pension funds. Coronavirus simply made it happen sooner.

But there is another bubble on the horizon…

World debt is overdue World debt standup routine from 2011

Robert Kiyosaki, Mike Maloney, Chris Martensen, George Gammon, and countless other millionaires have been warning us of The Everything Bubble for decades already.

All governments, banks companies, and individuals have more debt than ever before in history. And it is only accelerating.

The world debt has been accumulating since the 1970s after the US dollar was lifted off of the gold standard. And everyone knows this. For some reason, we have shrugged it off thus far.

The debt is overdue.

Inflating Asset Prices

All you need to understand about inflating asset prices is this:

After we got off the gold standard, central banks have been able to create as much currency as they want. But all currency that is created is created in the form of debt.

The problem with debt is that debt has to be paid back with interest.

For 50 years, central banks have issued exponential amounts of de...

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