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Bitcoin transactions without internet or even electricity.

Locha Locha Mesh

The Locha Mesh is a radio network for communications and Bitcoin transactions without internet or even electricity. We are working not only in a protocol, but also the firmware for affordable devices like the Turpial or Harpia.

What's in the code The main software running on Turpial devices (ESP32 LoRa V2) can be found here Messages routing protocol code can be found here The current Cordova mobile app can be found here , it runs on Android >5.0

Documentation can be found here

Can Locha Mesh software be installed on other devices?

Sure! We have tested the code in some routers running the OpenWRT OS, also some ARM MCUs can be a good choice. The firmware has a low RAM footprint and we are trying to keep it "vendor agnostic".

⚠️ Warning

Please take into account that some things in this repo are in a very early stage. Thank you for reading through the code and for sharing your ideas on Twitter and the Issues section here at GitHub.

Supported devices Turpial

Is a small and portable device ESP32 based system.


Dual core 32 bits running at 240 MHz. 8MB flash storage. WiFi b/g/n dual mode (AP/Station). Bluetooth (for admin. access) Radio module (for the long range mesh network) 1000 mAh Battery micro USB for charging and software updates. 0.96" OLED screen.

In each Turpial can be connected up to 3 clients via WiFi for to send/receive text messages or Bitcoin transactions.

Harpia (soon)


Quad core 64 bits at 1.4 Ghz. Storage up to 128Gb. WiFi dual mode, dual band 2.4Ghz/5Ghz. Bluetooth 4.2 Radio module (for the long range mesh network). Ethernet port. 4 USB ports. Stay connected License

Copyright (c) 2019 developers.

This software is under a MIT license and you can read the full text in the LICENSE file in the root folder.

Readme in: Español, Portuguese

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