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Bitcoin Red Pilling: The Easiest And Most Effective Way

Bitcoin Red Pilling: The Easiest And Most Effective Way


The art of a great meme has the potential to red pill the masses, even without them realizing it. Allowing them to easily buy Bitcoin for the first time when the opportunity arises. Not only that, but it also informs them about how awful the current financial system is. Memeing of all kinds can get hundreds of millions to billions of views online, with just about everyone being up to date on them. Literally everyone in the world memes in some way, and with everyone on the internet, we’ve never had a better and easier chance to red pill the masses.

Throughout this article, I'm going to show you some memes that either started in the Bitcoin community and or the Bitcoin community helped push to mainstream normies. These memes have helped the Bitcoin community survive and thrive, giving us much hope that it can do it as well for any newcomers. These memes are legendary, effective, and overall informing.

Stacking Sats

“What is a sat?” a normie might ask; to which you reply “it’s the smallest unit of a Bitcoin! Here, let's grab a coffee and I’ll tell you all about it”. Stacking sats was birthed by Matt Odell and has become an iconic meme in the community. Just about everywhere you go on Bitcoin twitter you’ll see a screenshot of someone stacking their sats. Never selling, and only stacking more. Stacking sats helps give clarity that yes, you don't have to purchase a full Bitcoin. You can purchase up to one piece of an entire one hundred million piece Bitcoin. This can help ease the process of newbies getting into Bitcoin, making it less scary since they don't have to put in much to own any. Bitcoiners can go entirely at their own pace, and no one is ever shamed for the number of sats they stack. Current Bitcoiners love seeing new people get their feet wet and get off 0. One can see stacking sats as sort of a game, a savings game! Stack this virtual coin as high as you can and ...

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