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Beware your account balance

In January 2018, a team of some half-dozen computer hackers — scattered across Europe and the United States — scammed their way into Michael Terpin’s cryptocurrency account, fleeced it and laundered the funds: some $23.8 million, according to a bombshell lawsuit.

Allegedly at the center of the heist was Westchester teen Ellis Pinsky. According to papers filed May 7 in Manhattan federal court, Pinsky is “an evil mastermind.” The suit asks for $71.4 million.

The wildest part? Ellis was just 15 years old at the time of the theft.

To neighbors and classmates at Irvington HS, he was an ordinary 10th-grader who ran track, played soccer, loved cool sneakers and got good grades. Ellis’ bedroom in the $1.3 million home he shared with his family, including his NYU Langone-physician mother, had three computer monitors for playing his favorite games, Counter-Strike and Call of Duty.

But according to an insider, there was at least one unusual thing about Ellis. As related in the complaint, he once allegedly wrote to an acquaintance, “I could buy you and all your family. I have 100 million dollars.” The complaint also alleges that an accomplice saw, in December 2017, “records indicating that Ellis had $70 million.”

Ellis and friends partying with champagne at Up&Down nightclub on 14th street.

Pals outside the heist apparently viewed Ellis as a virtual-money wunderkind. “His best friend thought he was making money through trading Bitcoin and stock,” the ­insider said.

But the complaint alleges that Ellis was the apparent ringleader in the scheme against Terpin, who is a pioneer in the world of cryptocurrency: “In his early teens, [Ellis] began hacking computers with the mission of accessing his victims’ private accounts where they store their cryptocurrency holdings or private information.”

Ellis’ attorney, Noam Biale, told The Post: “Ellis was a child at the time of the alleged conduct . . . It is deeply unfortunate t...

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