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Advanced ASIC Statuses: watch your devices with ease

Hiveon ASIC firmware is not only a way to make your devices more profitable — it also simplifies tracking their condition with advanced ASIC statuses. Keep reading to find out the details.

What are ASIC statuses and what is their purpose?

The main mission of ASIC statuses is to inform you about the condition of your device. Did something go wrong? You will see the relevant status right next to the specific ASIC, and be able to react immediately. In this way, you will easily maintain your devices’ efficiency.

Apart from this, ASIC statuses also serve as filters, so it will be very easy for you to find all the devices with the same error, if necessary.

What do ASIC statuses mean?

Obviously, every status has its own meaning. Here are the explanations:


If one of your ASICs gets such a status, simply reboot the device. To make things even easier, enable the hashrate-watchdog to perform the reboot automatically.


This means that tuning is in progress at the moment. During this process, hashrate decrease and software restart are possible, so don’t worry if they happen.


This status indicates that the temperature is too low. It can occur on the Bitmain firmware, and as a result, ASIC stops mining. If you want, you can disable the temperature test on the Hiveon firmware, so this status won’t stop you from mining.


Check the fans — one of them is lost. It may already be out of order or, probably, there are issues with the sensor.


If you see this status then there is an error in setting voltage or in determining the type of PSU. This could happen due to several reasons:

Power supply failure; Excessive decrease in the network — the unit is not able to deal with it; There is something wrong with wiring from the power supply to controller; The new ASIC series can determine the PSU model. In case the PSU is alread...
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