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Excellent Bitcoin Article about Satoshi Nakamoto about to reach 1 million views on Forbes! 1 million people discovering Bitcoin's history for the first time.

Satoshi Nakamoto (artist rendering) Tommy Marcheschi

On April 26, 2011, Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto sent his final emails to fellow developers in which he made clear he had “moved on to other projects,” at the time handing over a cryptographic key he had used to send network-wide alerts.

Flash forward to 2021 and the Bitcoin story is, in many ways, still just beginning. With the price reaching new highs above $60,000, there is increasing recognition of Nakamoto’s invention – a digital money free from the control of any central party or government – and its necessity. 

Now heralded by musicians, politicians and human rights advocates, Bitcoin is in the midst of a mainstream moment. Yet, much remains a mystery about the still-unknown Satoshi Nakamoto. 

That’s why today, I published new research that presents, for the first time, a full exploration of Satoshi Nakamoto’s time as lead developer of the Bitcoin project. 

Entitled “The Last Days of Satoshi: What Happened When Bitcoin’s Creator Disappeared,” it’s a comprehensive look at what Satoshi went through to launch Bitcoin and the choices he made as a developer, and it goes on to foreshadow why his impact on the technology has continued long after his absence.

Based on six months of research, the work includes over 120 citations where readers can see the full context of the conversation around some of Bitcoin’s infamous moments, including a notable meeting at CIA headquarters and the first transition of power in the project.

With that in mind, I wanted to share some things I learned while researching Satoshi and his early work as manager of the Bitcoin code.

If you’re new to cryptocurrency, I hope these findings will encourage you to explore the history of Bitcoin in more detail.

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