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Traditional Finance 2018

lue pill. It is your choice.

One noticeable exception I have found is Blackrock which has created a societal impact score for some of their investments. This is a good thing.

Now back to Bitcoin. There is a version of Bitcoin that most closely resembles the original Satoshi Nakamoto vision. It is called Bitcoin Cash (BCH). I strongly believe in this version of Bitcoin. The funny thing is that it sells for a much cheaper price then the older version of the chain. You can also buy it in small fractions. You don’t need to purchase 1 BCH at a time. The other funny thing is that the fees are very low to transact with. Usually, it costs about 1 penny USD per transaction so people all over the world can afford to use it. Mind you, this is still capitalism but in a different form then you are used to…

Please pay for this content and share it as I spend most of my time advocating for crypto. I’m not taking a salary and I reinvest all gains that I make here back into the Bitcoin Cash community.

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