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Amidst confidence in the official currencies and quantitative easing policies under which major central banks are printing paper currencies with little gold or commercial goods, investors are speculating on the digital currency that started with a "coin" followed by 11 other digital currencies. But the currency of the composition is the most traded and famous and credibility among the digital currencies, as well as the most attractive to investors in terms of volume and in terms of imaginary profits achieved, compared to any other investment in gold or bonds or even US stocks, which saw its biggest recovery this year.

Those who put their money or fought on the currency of "Btkwin" earned more than $ 5 in every dollar they put in since the beginning of the year. At the beginning of the year, the unit was $ 1,000 and on Friday was $ 5,200. This means that investors' profit rose during the nine and a half months by 500%, a crazy profit not seen by investors in recent history.

With its huge profitability and easy environment to use to settle accounts and convert to cash, KFH has competed against major currencies in the global exchange market, which the Bank of International Settlements estimates is worth about $ 5.3 trillion a year.

Betcuin's currency is benefiting from the sheer volume of its volume, as the amount it will sell will not exceed 21 million units by 2040. It also benefits from the promotion of celebrities such as the famous actress and billionaire Paris Hilton.

The QuinnDisc, the US currency watchdog, has estimated that trade in the "digital currency" now accounts for more than $ 90 billion, which means it has become larger than the assets of many of the largest US companies that manufacture US stock indexes.

US market maker Mark reported on Friday that the market capitalization of a US $ 96.7 billion currency was following a recent rise in its price. Which means that they are now in terms of market capitalization larger than Goldman Sachs with a market capitalization of about $ 92.9 billion and Morgan Stanley of $ 89.1 billion.

If formed as a component of the Wall Street market, it will enter as one of the top 15 components of the NASDAQ and among the 58 largest US market constituents.

The exchange rate of the composition of the currency rose on Friday to $ 5900, before falling slightly. In the wake of widespread rumors that China will cancel the ban on dealing in the sites of "Online Crane".

"The digital currency was pressured in mid-September because of China's ban on dealing with it in Online media, fearing" imaginary inflation of assets "

The digital currency came under pressure in mid-September due to China's ban on online trading, fearing "speculative inflation" - assets above their real value. Many Chinese companies have used digital currency as a means of raising funds.

The attraction is that they are not controlled by governments or central banks, and that dealing with them does not cost investors fees and can easily be used online as a means of payment and settlement of transactions. But there are fears that they may be exploited by gangs, drug mafia and organized crime. Since July, a total of 16.5 million pieces have been traded. Thus, since March it has exceeded the value of ounces of gold, "ounce", which amounted to 1233 dollars.

The number of traders is growing daily, as it earns profits on all global investment instruments, both fixed and floating interest. For example, US stocks, which are the most buoyant this year, have gained around 21%. Investors in gold this year also have a 5 to 7 percent share.

"The digital currency has been able to meet the three conditions of cash: as a means of settling accounts and as a means of preserving the value of assets and as a medium for exchange of cash"

To date, the digital currency has been able to "meet" the fulfillment of the three conditions of cash: as a means of settling accounts and as a means of preserving the value of assets and as a medium for exchange of cash. It is also an easy way to liquefy its value, ie convert it to a dollar or any other currency.

But it certainly will limit its future ability to compete with major currencies such as the dollar, the euro, the yuan, the yen, the Swiss franc and the pound. But critics say they will not be able to end the deal in a "currency" currency because it is a decentralized currency. One factor in attracting a currency is the fact that the currency is limited by about 21 million pieces by 2040. That is, the price will rise as demand is high.

But despite this proliferation, the composition currency faces the risk of embargoes by governments and punish its dealers. Among those who drew sharp criticism of digital currencies Russian President Vladimir Putin, who said a few days ago, that Russia will regulate digital currencies.

Putin called for e-currency regulation, saying its use "carries major risks" such as money laundering, tax evasion and the financing of so-called terrorism. But he also warned against imposing "too many barriers and restrictions." The currency also faces opposition from senior bankers such as JPMorgan CEO Jimmy Deman, who called the currency a "fraud", the Financial Times reported on Friday.

The currency "Btkwin" is an electronic currency, virtual has no physical presence, can not be monitored movement in the financial markets or in the monetary system and banking, being hypothetical and traded between people and institutions through the

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