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BCH · 16w Launches Free Bitcoin Cash Register Platform for iOS Devices Launches Free Bitcoin Cash Register Platform for iOS Devices

About a month ago, launched its free point-of-sale solution, Bitcoin Cash Register, for Android operating systems. This week our developers have released Bitcoin Cash Register for iOS mobile phones allowing any merchant with an Apple device to accept bitcoin cash payments.

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How to Set Up Bitcoin Cash Register for iOS Devices is all about spreading mass adoption of bitcoin cash (BCH). One way to bring the masses toward BCH is getting merchants worldwide to accept the digital asset for goods and services. In order to promote the benefits of BCH to online and brick-and-mortar retailers, launched Bitcoin Cash Register for Android devices. developers didn’t stop there and on May 24’s software engineer, Jean-Baptiste Dominguez, published the iOS version of Bitcoin Cash Register, which can now be downloaded from Apple’s App Store.

The Bitcoin Cash Register iOS application can be downloaded here. It’s easy to set up as no account and no registration is needed.

Bitcoin Cash Register is a simple point-of-sale (PoS) application that allows anyone to accept BCH payments at any retail location. Like the Android platform, the iOS version just requires a valid bitcoin cash address to get started. If you are an Apple device owner, simply go to the App Store and search for the “Bitcoin Cash Register” app. You can then download’s PoS platform, which is roughly 21MB in size. After the download finishes, you can open the platform and the application will have you create a 4-digit PIN code and then confirm the code again to make sure it’s correct. The 4-digit PIN can be shared with other employees and is also used to access the ...

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