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Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Unlimited Contributor Disclosed Bitcoin Core Bug

Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Unlimited Contributor Disclosed Bitcoin Core Bug

September 22, 2018 by William Peaster

The Bitcoin ecosystem was rocked this week after a bug in the Bitcoin Core implementation was found to be able facilitate node crashes and monetary inflation. Fortunately, patches have since been released for Core and some derivative cryptocurrencies. Now, the discloser of the node crash element of the bug has revealed themselves as the pseudonymous Awemany, a contributor in the Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Unlimited communities. 

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Awemany: While I Have You Here …

On September 18th, the Bitcoin Core team released CVE-2018-17144 bugfixes in v0.16.3 of their Bitcoin (BTC) end-user implementation. The patches came upon a tip-off from what Core contributor Andrew Chow called at the time “a third party.”

Three days later, that third party came forward as Awemany, a contributor to Bitcoin Unlimited, another Bitcoin implementation, and Bitcoin Cash, or BCH, which was forked off from BTC in 2017.

The pseudonymous developer detailed their experiences in disclosing the bug and wider criticisms of the Core team in a new blog post entitled “600 Microseconds,” a reference to the amount of time that the bug’s originating code was designed to shave off from block validation in the OG cryptocurrency.

First, What Was at Stake?

CVE-2018-17144, hailed by Awemany and other industry thought leaders as among the most critical bugs in Bitcoin’s history, could’ve seen rogue miners spiking connected nodes by including double-spend transactions that relied on several simultaneous, identical inputs.

This was the part of the vulnerability Awemany initially reported.

In turn, it was quickly discovered that dynamic could’ve created malicious inf...

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