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Bitbook: Decentralized Travel Platform -

The conventional approach has lost its impact on the travel sector. More people, particularly Millennials, no longer recognize a beach holiday or a mountain adventure as perfect ideas to spend their yearly vacation. People travel for the experiences that anticipate them on new terrain. Moreover, they frequently carry out their booking activities online, by themselves hence overall changing their travel practices. This circumstance has a significant impact on the travel industry and challenges travel agents to adjust and survive.

At the core of the travel industry extends a developing global economy. Each year, the worldwide traveler pool is overwhelmed with millions of new consumers from both emerging and developed markets, many with rising disposable revenues and a newfound talent to experience the world.

Introducing Bitbook Network

BitBook is a travel platform where people can book accommodation and gain tokens in the process. They are recognized as an Online Travel Agency, and in essence, a Marketing and Sales directed website that connects people who have an interest in travel with accommodation providers and related other services. They are capable to compete as they have a decentralized underlying digital economy that advances them as to have a completely different business model than any traditional business. Because of this, their Reward system will not only drives the adoption of the platform by incentivizing users to bring others onboard but also drive traffic by rewarding users who can create remarkable travel content on their platform.

With Bitbook’s program, users earn tokens while they are also assisting others to choose new destinations and explore new experiences. The central goal of this program is to drive traffic to BitBook’s site and to stimulate the adoption of our platform since the early beginning. By launching BitBook, they will start winning market share of the $528 billion hotel industry. At the same time, the pre...

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