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Binance BNB Token Holders Able To Earn 8% Interest on all BNB Tokens They Own - Starting Today!

Just announced by is the addition of the BNB token to their interest earning platform, making them the first to offer interest payments for Binance's native token.

Existing users will find instructions when they log into the app as previously you may have been using the ERC20 version of BNB, but along with today's news comes full support of BNB on the Binance blockchain (BEP2). 

If you have the ERC20 version stored in your Crypto wallet they will soon be automatically converted (1:1) to the 'real' BNB as well.

New Users Get Some Extra Incentives...

If you're just joining Crypto now to earn interest on your BNB, as an added bonus if they sign up through an VIP invite link (yes that is one) you'll get an additional $20 worth of Crypto's native token as well.

Only requirements here is to leave $100 worth of BNB there to earn interest for at least 3 months.

Transfer with care... To begin you'll need to store your BNB with them - so a friendly reminder to make sure you specify the destination tag/memo shown to you within the Crypto App > BNB > Deposit page when making BNB (BEP2) deposits.

To Start Out, Create Your Free Account Here.

-------  Author: Adam Lee  Asia News Desk

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