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10 Reasons KuCoin Will Be The New Binance In 2020 | Shrimpy

4. Trading Fees

When Binance launched their innovative trading fee tiers that leveraged the BNB token to reduce fees and drive interest, it felt like a new business strategy was born. Soon after, KuCoin announced interesting trading fee mechanisms of their own. Traders can get discounted trading fees when holding balances of KCS.

While Binance has traditionally supported some of the lowest trading fees in the market, KuCoin isn’t far off. Both of these exchanges have unique ideas on how to provide incentives for users through their exchange tokens. As KuCoin grows, we expect KCS will gain traction among crypto traders, driving higher adoption and more usage on the exchange.

5. The Underdog

Everyone loves a good underdog story. The feeling of succeeding against all odds makes us feel like we also have a shot at making it big one day.

People are standing in KuCoin’s corner because they see the passion and potential for greatness. We have no doubts that they will continue taking their shot at becoming the leading exchange, even when the chips are stacked against them.

KuCoin has all the makings of an underdog. The rivalry runs thick, making KuCoin scrappy and determined. They are often finding creative new ways to compete since they need to do more work with less resources.

Traders in the KuCoin community can smell the desire from KuCoin. They are ready to do whatever it takes to win. KuCoin is willing to make bigger plays to become the leading exchange.

Since Binance has made it big, we may see them become more cautious and calculating when they make changes to the way they operate. kuCoin, on the other hand, can afford to take risks and shoot big.

6. Powerful Community

KuCoin has the feeling of a grassroots movement that resonates with many crypto users. Word of mouth has been one of the most powerful marketing tools employed by KuCoin. The personal branding they have built has excited traders because the...

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