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The Weekly BAT + Podcast Ep. 63 — Brave surpasses 19.6M MAU & 6.6M DAU for Sep. 2020, AMA w/ Luke Mulks, Speed Past Chrome (new Brave Marketing campaign), Users can now set Brave as default browser on iOS!

Brave user stats update: Brave surpasses 19.6M MAU (monthly active users) and 6.6M DAU (daily active users) for September 2020! 

We are c-r-u-s-h-i-n-g it. In the words of Chriscat: “Get everyone you know on the Brave train!” 

Also find the latest platform stats & token activity on 

Announcement: You can now set Brave as the default browser on iOS! (Update Brave > Settings > Brave > Default Browser App)

Finally! Now you can make Brave (v1.20) your default browser on iOS 14! 4 simple steps to enjoy a faster and privacy-protecting browsing experience: 

Go to the Settings App Find “Brave” Tap “Default Browser App” Select “Brave”

All done! 🙂 

See our Reddit post here:

And.. Brave featured in the Browse the Web collection in the Utilities section, as well as in the Apps We Love section of the iOS App Store this week! Official Brave Campaign: Chrome was great in 2008, but it’s 2020. It’s time to Speed Past Chrome! 

Join the millions of people who already use Brave to browse 3x faster than Chrome, save data and battery life, block creepy ads and trackers, and help stop online surveillance.

Watch the video here: 

Watch the latest Brave Vs. Chrome Speed Comparison from September 2020: 

Switch to Brave in less than 60 seconds:  

AMA (ICYMI): “I’m Chris (bat-chriscat), Technical Operations Coordinator at Brave. Ask me anything!” 

Chris did a wonderfully thorough job answering questions from the community during his AMA on Tuesday. We highly recommend the read: 

If you’re short on time and want the TL;DR, our recap of the AMA highlights will be released on ...

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