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Just got one of these and got it up and running quite easily: Here is the Article I followed: "How to Build an EOS Hardware Wallet: A Step-By-Step Guide"

How to Build an EOS Hardware Wallet: A Step-By-Step Guide An open-source EOS Hardware Wallet, brought to you by LiquidEOS & Scatter. LiquidEOS partnered with Scatter to create the first-ever Open-Source EOS Hardware Wallet!

Secure cold storage of EOS is one of the biggest priorities for the EOS ecosystem right now. So we are thrilled to release this step-by-step guide on building your own EOS hardware wallet. This is the first of many releases by the LiquidEOS team as we build out an EOS R&D hub in Israel, partnering with local teams to accelerate dApp and open-source development on EOS.

Please read this entire guide before building the hardware. This is a Do-It-Yourself Wallet, meaning let’s get handy!

The total cost of all the materials, including the case, is roughly $41 (shipping cost may vary, micro USB cable not included).

Comparison: - TREZOR — 120 MHz 32-bit ARM CPU, 128x64 OLED, 2 buttons: $99.99 - LiquidEOS & Scatter DIY EOS Wallet — 1GHz 64/32-bit ARM CPU, 128x64 OLED, 7 buttons: $41

Disclaimers: Your Private Key safety is as strong as your wallet password. Importing the seed phrase is not supported yet. No hardware encryption yet. We are going to add encryption with a second key — entered in the Scatter Desktop App. The transaction details info is currently trusted by the Scatter Desktop App. ( This will be fixed in future releases) Only one Keypair is currently supported. This is an alpha. Do not use this wallet for your “owner” keys. Please wait a while before using it on Mainnet until we and the community test it a little more. Let’s get started! :) Step 1: Purchasing Necessary Wallet Materials

Materials for your DIY Wallet can be found on Adafruit & Amazon:

OLED Bonnet Pack for Raspberry Pi Zero — Includes Pi Zero W — $34.95 OLED Bonnet & Raspberry Pi Zero W

2. Kingston Canvas Select 16GB microSDHC — $5.99

Kingston 16GB MicroSD Card

Tools needed:Fine tipped Soldering Ir...

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