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Weekly Update #11: Update on Exchange Listings, New Hire and Marketing Strategies

Weekly Update #11: Update on Exchange Listings, New Hire and Marketing Strategies

Hello everyone. This week we are introducing our new blockchain engineer, Vincent, we will also be giving you an update on the exchange listings and discussing our YouTube video, which will be out tomorrow.

Exchange listingsMeet Vincent! Our new blockchain engineerYouTube Teaser Exchange Listings

We get asked daily when we will next be listed on a new exchange. The answer is soon. As we have said multiple times, we are going the extra mile legally to ensure everything is up to scratch and that Aventus and AVT holders have a long and prosperous future.

A short update though: The final steps are completed with the regulators. Alan and Annika will be travelling to Jersey next week Tuesday to wrap things up. Thereafter, the foundation will be ready to execute outstanding exchange listing agreements. We are not giving a time frame, however this has been a long process (longer than anticipated) and we are nearing the end.

Meet Vincent! Our new blockchain engineer

Can you first introduce yourself please, tell us a bit about you? Maybe a fun fact we wouldn’t expect?

I studied engineering (control) at University of Cambridge, but I’ve been working most of my life in software development. Recently, I’ve been learning ways to teach kids programming.

What is it that you do at Aventus? How did you hear about the company and what made you apply for your role?

I’m a blockchain developer at Aventus. I applied through a recruiter who was looking for experienced C++ developers. I basically jumped into it when I was told about this opportunity to build a blockchain solution from the ground up, as I was very excited to join a very dynamic, game-changing industry.

You have years of experience in the industry. Tell us a bit about your background?

I started as an industrial (automation) enginee and have worked for 20+ years in software developm...

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