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ARK Redesigned - all the recent design changes, collected in a blog post

The website has been totally redesigned & re-coded. The previous version used Wordpress for CMS. The current version does not rely on any CMS or DB. It is simple, minimalist, and clean HTML5 / CSS3 / JS, for a totally new look which is more inline with what we are, and what we aim to achieve.

Simple SVG animation on the front page background gives a bit of dynamic Web 3.0 presence without becoming distracting. The inner-pages sport a slight graphic animation also.

All website links are listed here (or just go through the menu on the website): — ARK roadmapSince you all liked previous look with % and progress, we decided to preserve this familiar look. — List of ARK exchangesA list of all exchanges currently listing ARK along with all trading pairs that a particular exchange offers, a simple graph of ARK market movements, and the last 7 days of historical data. — ARK development listA list of APIs, clients, wallets, … along with auto-updating GitHub commits and issues so developers can quickly see what to work on. — ARK teamYeah this is us — the current ARK core team responsible for ARK. — ARK list of useful linksList of explorers, bounties, and community run websites. If you have a suggestion that could be added, please let us know.— ARK media kitList of ARK logos in different colors on a transparent background. We’ll be updating this more frequently with new stuff, so check back!— ARK contact formSimple way to get in contact with us via email. — ARK Slack auto-inviteJust provide your e-mail, and get an invite to our official Slack channel.

Test it out and give us feedback! There may still be glitches, typos, or other bugs that are hard to spot with limited pairs of eyes.

The next step is to make it international. See that little EN flag at the top rig...

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