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Ark Ecosystem — Frequently Asked Questions (September 2017)

Ark Ecosystem — Frequently Asked Questions (September 2017)

There are a lot of reoccurring questions on reddit and slack. Here is a short compilation of the most important once. I will try to keep the answer short and to the point.

How can I get Ark?

You have to buy it on an exchange. The current exchanges are:

The current main exchange is Bittrex. You will have to buy Bitcoin (BTC) first and send it to Bittrex. After that you can trade your BTC for Ark.

What do I do with this passphrase ?

The passphrase is the master password for your coins. You have to secure the passphrase in order to keep control over your wallet. With the passphrase you can sign transactions to send your Ark. Do not lose it and do not share it with others or you will lose your coins.

I can’t send a transaction because of a wrong passphrase. What should I do?

You can’t do anything without the correct passphrase. Please be aware that every character and space counts. Try to remove spaces at the beginning and end. Try to check wrong capital letters. Try to spot wrongly written words. If you do not have the correct passphrase … your coins are lost.

I can’t send a transaction because of some time stamp thing. What should i do?

Please synchronize your computer time with the internet. You can google guides how to do that for every OS.

My bittrex withdrawal does not work. Why?

You most likely forgot to confirm the withdrawal. Please check your emails. If it still did not work you should contract bittrex support.

Can I vote from an exchange?

No. You need to send the Ark to the desktop wallet in order to vote.

How can I find and chose a delegate?

The best places to find delegate information are:

How much profit will I get from voting?

You can check profit approximations in one of the calculators:

How much Ark do I need to vote?

The fee to register your vote is currently 1 Ark. Your remaining balance will decide how much pr...

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