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How to Issue an Asset on Ardor in 5 mins

Step Five — Creating your Asset

Now that we are on the Ignis chain and we have our Ignis balance, it’s time to create our asset. Remember I mentioned that when we switched to the Ignis chain earlier that we now had an Assets menu setup, well now it’s time to use it!

Click on the menu item to expand the items and then at the bottom you will see a new menu item named Issue Asset. Clicking on this will show a pop-up window that should look similar to the below:

Empty Issue Asset form

As you can see in the warning message at the top, creating an asset is final. In the same way an ERC-20 token can’t be changed once submitted, this is the same as an Ignis asset.

The options presented to you at this point are pretty straight forward, but for the sake of completeness let’s go through them all.

Asset Name: This is the name you want to give to your coin. The name must be between 3 and 10 characters long, only latin characters, no spaces and doesn’t need to be unique.

Description: This is a description you want to give to your coin to let people know what it is for.

Singleton Asset: Tick this if you only want one of this asset to exist, this will also force the quantity field to 1 and the decimals field to 0.

Quantity: Enter here the amount of your asset you want to be made available.

Decimals: Enter here the amount of decimal places you want your assets to go to. For example, selecting 0 decimal points means only whole pieces can be traded between users, 2 decimals would act more like the fiat currencies we are used to in current society. The maximum is 8.

Fee: To create your asset on the network, you need to pay a fee in Ignis to do so, clicking the Calculate button will automatically fill this in for you. The current fee is 0.1 Ignis which is roughly $0.01 in USD value. I didn’t mention how cheap it was to do this either did I?

Passphrase: You need to enter your passphrase to confirm you ar...

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