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Opulous Announces June 30th Token (ASA) Offering on TrustSwap Launchpad

Opulous is set to collaborate with TrustSwap for their upcoming ASA $OPUL token offering on June 30th 2021 starting at 9:00 AM PST.

Opulous is the first platform of its kind, bringing Decentralized Finance to the music industry. The project will provide a launchpad for the first copyright-backed Music NFTs as well as DeFi loans that will change how artists access the funding they need.

They are releasing a multi-chain token on Ethereum and Algorand and offering users the option to choose which they’d prefer to use on the platform. Opulous is currently working with Algorand to build a bridge that will facilitate transfers between both blockchains.

Meanwhile, partnerships and agreements with major exchanges are being established to support their multi-chain ETH/ASA $OPUL token. This means users will be able to deposit ETH tokens, then withdraw ASA, and vice-versa.

The Opulous platform has three main functions:

NFT Launchpad NFT Exchange DeFi Loans

Opulous Music NFTs are a new form of Non-Fungible Token that entitles holders to a share of a song’s future royalty earnings, and other exclusive rewards, in exchange for social media support.

Opulous peer-to-peer DeFi loans cut out traditional banks, middle-men, and major labels, allowing artists to access up-front cash based on the predictable royalties they generate over 12 months.

The Opulous Ecosystem

NFT Launchpad

Opulous is the first platform to launch copyright-backed Music NFTs. Unlike other NFTs, Opulous tokens offer holders a share in the music’s future royalty earnings alongside exclusive rewards and fan experiences.

Whoever owns these groundbreaking NFTs will get paid every time the song is played on Spotify and other major music services. That also means their value can increase as an artist’s career progresses.

Fans and investors will not only receive royalty payments, but also be able to unlock other exclusive rewards such as back...

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