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Current announced they will migrate the $CRNC Token to the Algorand blockchain in order to dramatically decrease the cost of transactions as well as further support the future scalability of the CRNC Token and the underlying ecosystem

The Lock Screen Gets a New Look and Experience

Back in early March, we started to roll out a better lock screen experience for users on Android 8 & 9, as well as Android 10 & 11. We’re seeing improved engagement and retention for cohorts who got the new lock screen treatment.

The big quality of life improvements made was:

Current branding Cleaner design New ad units Icons that are easier to see Increased button size

The best part is the improved gestures! Originally, users had to swipe up to open the Current app and swipe right to unlock their phone. However, Android standards on version 10+ are different and this was confusing users. Users now swipe up to unlock their phone and swipe right to open our app.

The new, improved lock screen for Android. Location-based earning opportunities

Two new ways to earn points have been added for users to earn additional passive income from their everyday activities. As they go out and about, users will be able to earn from unique experiences based on where they are in the world. These opportunities unlock after a user grants the app permission to access location information:

Surveys targeted to specific locations Location-based ads and shopping check-ins

Both options use the device’s location to show an ad or survey. If the user completes the survey or views the ad, they earn points. It’s easy for users and provides a unique experience that shows promotions in their immediate vicinity.

Users receive a notification after earning points for completing a location-based action.

A multitude of optimizations and bug fixes

In addition to big features, the team is always working on making smaller tweaks that will improve the user experience and increase retention, recurrence, and revenue. We encourage everyone here to help make the Current app the best it can be. Many of the above updates came from direct feedback from users. Using the app is a good way to keep track of ...

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