Airbloc Q3-Q4 Business Report

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Aggressively expanding our networks and use cases for global enterprise adoption

Airbloc has been busy working to expand our real world use cases to ensure global enterprise adoption. Here are some of the highlights of what we’ve been up to!

Partnership Highlights

📌Korea’s Largest Credit Card Company — KB Kookmin Card Incubated and Partnered Us 📌Tech Giant LINE Corp formalized its blockchain investment into Airbloc’s promising data infrastructure technology. 📌Partnered with Kakao’s blockchain platform, Klaytn to realize a real world use case 📌Partnered with The Korea Economic Daily, Korea’s 2nd Largest Financial Newspaper, to boost adoption 📌Partnered with D2C to expand regional presence to Japan and Taiwan 📌Partnered with YouNet Global to expand regional presence to Vietnam📌Strategically partnered with IMO Ventures, to reach global adoption 📌Integrated advertisement execution function on Databloc with weBloc

The Largest Credit Card Company in Korea — KB Kookmin Card Incubated and Partnered Us

Our company was awarded by KB Kookmin Card as the top 10 promising technological companies in Korea with expertise in data technologies. The prestigious “Future9” incubation programme saw over 300 companies signing up and our company emerged top to be eligible for KB Kookmin Card’s incubation programme.

KB Kookmin Card’s President Lee Dong-cheol (center) together with our CTO Wonkyung Lyu (4th from the right)

The incubation and joint-partnership with KB Kookmin Card involves us sharing our expertise in data-related technologies, infrastructure and behavioural data analysis to further improve KB Kookmin Card’s services.

Tech Giant LINE Corp formalized its blockchain investment into Airbloc’s data infrastructure technology

Recognizing Airbloc’s superior technology and drive for mass adoption of its services, LINE Corp, Japan’s largest messaging application and a global internet services leader, invested into Airbloc through its blockchain venture fund Unblock Ventures. With the addition of LINE as our strategic investor, we would be able to tap into their strong networks in the Japanese and global market — eventually achieving real business adoption.

Airbloc Partnered with Tech Giant Kakao’s Blockchain Project “Klaytn”

To aggressively realize mass adoption with a real world use case, Airbloc partnered with “Klaytn”, a blockchain platform spearheaded by Kakao which is the most powerful Internet company in Korea. With this, Airbloc will be mounting its main business logic on top of Klaytn blockchain platform. Some of Airbloc’s services that will be processed on top of Klaytn include, but are not limited to: Second Party Data Transport Layer, Airbloc Reward System (Contribution Graph), DAuth, and Data Registry Process.

Airbloc expanded adoption to Korea’s 2nd Largest Financial Newspaper — The Korea Economic Daily (

To expand Airbloc’s real world use cases, Airbloc partnered with, the digital platform of The Korea Economic Daily — the leading and most widely read and subscribed economic newspaper in Korea. Through this partnership, Airbloc will provide its data infrastructure technologies regarding data collection, management and monetization.

Airbloc expanded its regional presence to Japan and Taiwan with D2C, Japan and Taiwan’s Leading Digital Advertising and Marketing Company

To ensure smoother market access in Japan and Taiwan, Airbloc partnered with D2C Inc., a digital advertising and marketing company established as a joint enterprise between Japan’s largest telecommunications company NTT DoCoMo, Inc., Japan’s largest advertisement agency, Dentsu Inc., and NTT Advertising, Inc. With this partnership, D2C will provide us necessary networks to enterprises in Japan and Taiwan so that we will be able to integrate our Web and App SDKs into other enterprises’ data systems.

Airbloc expanded its regional presence to Vietnam with YouNet — Vietnam Leading Social Marketing Technology Company!

To achieve wider market access in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, Airbloc partnered with YouNet, Vietnam’s Number 1 company in Social Marketing Technology solutions providing its service to more than 300 clients from various industries, including Fortune Global 500 companies. Through this partnership, Younet will help us distribute and integrate Airbloc’s Web and App SDKs to the many enterprises they are already working with — providing enterprises with Airbloc data infrastructure.

Airbloc expanded its global networks with IMO Ventures

To strengthen Airbloc’s network with global enterprises, Airbloc partnered with IMO Ventures, a renowned venture capital firm that has invested into many of today’s billion dollar companies — such as Limebike and Palantir. One of their most notable investments was into Palantir — an American software and services company which specialises in Big Data analytics founded by Peter Thiel, one of the most successful entrepreneurs who also founded Paypal.

Airbloc integrated an advertisement execution function with weBloc

After deep consultations with enterprises, we found strong demand for an advertisement execution function to be integrated into Databloc (Airbloc’s data marketplace). To better serve enterprises’ demand, Airbloc partnered with weBloc, a blockchain-based advertisement ecosystem helping enterprises with their advertisement execution — through their deep integrations with enterprise advertisers, platforms and publishers.

Enterprises can now proceed on to execute an advertisement campaign after purchasing data on Databloc. This feature will greatly increase Airbloc’s appeal to enterprises — thereby accelerating enterprise adoption.

New website launch showcasing adoption cases