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What is AION? - Anyone new to AION, Start Here.

There are currently 3 generations of blockchain projects.

The 1st generation were alternative currency projects. This generation is headed by Bitcoin. The 2nd generation of blockchain projects are basically platforms for dapps. The current leader in this generation is Ethereum. The 3rd generation rises from the need to fully utilize the power of seamless interconnectivity across separate blockchain networks. These 3rd generation blockchain projects aim to bring to the blockchain what internet brought to the cellphone.

AION is the first 3rd generation blockchain network that allows different blockchain networks to communicate between themselves on a global scale. There are hundreds of blockchain networks today, and AION believes that there will be thousands and millions when widespread adoption hits. This then produces a need for blockchain networks to integrate and communicate.

The CEO of AION, Matt Spoke, categorizes AION users into people who want to build on a public network, people who want to build bridges between various public (and private) networks, and people who want to use the codebase to build their own network.

What Does AION Do? Problems

The problems that AION intends the solve are as follows:

Blockchains, as they are currently, operate as isolated networks. Some blockchains use different programming language and protocols, which makes communication difficult. Blockchain networks suffer from scalability issues, as they are clogged by dapps. Functions

AION is a blockchain project that aims to be the connecting bridge between all other blockchain projects (both private and public). The AION blockchain network will enable:

Exchange of data and value between any AION-compliant blockchain (which already includes Ethereum) Fast transaction processing and increased data capacity Creation of customized public and private blockchains that maintain interoperability with other blockchains, and at ...
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