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Blockdaemon partners with Aion Network

Solving problems of interoperability and scalability: Blockdaemon partners with Aion Network

Solving problems of interoperability and scalability: Blockdaemon partners with Aion Network

We at Blockdaemon are committed to making the on-ramp onto blockchains as seamless and easy as possible for developers. Ever since we started as the “Heroku-for-blockchain” a year ago, we have been dedicated to cutting through the mish-mash of protocols and platforms by making it easy to deploy and connect the major public chains and connect private chains to those in order to reap the value of decentralization. We have now added Aion to our public network tools, alongside Bitcoin, Ethereum and Stellar. What makes Aion stand out is the depth and ease of integration — detailed connections, testnet/mainnet options and ready-made wallet integrations. We are also offering huge discounts on the underlying infrastructure cost. You can now be a full participant in the Aion network in 90 seconds.

We always liked Aion and share a common vision of interoperability and ease of making the decentralized revolution a reality. Try out deploying Aion nodes for free and experience how blockchain connections should be working:

You can see our multi-cloud offering in a live environment.

Ease of payment and self-provisioning are key.

Simple Mainnet dashboard.

Knowledge base and pre-configuration made easy, so non-developers can now connect to a blockchain network.

The Aion network is a multi-tier blockchain network designed to solve the problems of interoperability and scalability in the blockchain industry. It enables a future where many blockchains exist to solve unique industry problems and to power the services of the modern world.

Over the last several months, Aion transformed from a traditional for-profit software company to a nonprofit foundation, accountable to the community, with the aim of building a vibrant ecosystem and a rich pla...

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