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The 0x Ecosystem Acceleration Program’s History & Future

The 0x Ecosystem Acceleration Program’s History & Future

Hey 0x Community! The 0x team publicly released the 0x Ecosystem Acceleration Program (EAP) in December 2018. As part of the release, we received a lot of good questions in our Discord that we’ll cover in this post.   What’s the history of the Ecosystem Acceleration Program? The 0x team knew early on that encouraging development in the 0x ecosystem was going to be important. It’s hard to start building on top of new technology for multiple reasons (technical, financial, etc), so the team offered technical and financial help from the very beginning with the idea that attracting and supporting quality teams has incredible network effects. The team was convinced that if multiple great teams started building in the 0x ecosystem, they would not only create value themselves, but also help each other build a strong ecosystem.   As part of offering financial help, when the 0x team met great developers in 2017 and 2018 who were building businesses on 0x and needed financial support to build & grow, the team asked them to apply for funding. The applying teams went through a robust application and technical review process where they shared details of their business, as well as some of their code to prove their technical prowess. The 0x team responded by funding the strongest teams, lots of whom are still building valuable businesses on top of 0x today.   The grants program started in August 2017 when the core team was still very small. The team instinctually knew that grants were a good idea, but didn’t have the time or resources to handle lots of applications from the public at the time. As the program grew internally and proved itself, the team realized that opening the application process to the public was a great next step.   What has changed for the program over time? The team has learned a lot from running a grant program over the past year and a half. We learned quite a few small things alo...

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