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May 5, 2018
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HOT -2.69% · store.holo.host · 2w

HoloPort Store Now Open!

Powered by Holochain, Holo facilitates communities and businesses building the next Internet paradigm. HoloPorts come with software already installed and are optimized to run Holo. Just plug it in, fo...
HOT -2.69% · off-guardian.org · 3w

We need to take control of a centralized web back ASAP. During a crisis, the first thing that will be done is to “turn off” a centralized web by our corporate overlords. HOLO will decentralize the whole thing. HOLO is more than a new internet, it is revolutionary.

Eddison Flame Can you feel it now? Can you feel the changes coming? Can you feel the electricity in the air? Revolution is coming. It is getting really close now, you can almost reach out and touch…
HOT -2.69% · motherboard.vice.com · 4w

This is why HOLO exists.

Personal websites and email can replace most of what people like about Facebook—namely the urge to post about their lives online.
HOT -2.69% · holochaincitizen.com · 4w

Why Blockchain Developers are Switching to Holochain

I got an email out of the blue the other day: Hello, I would like to inquire if Holochain is the best framework for my idea concept. It seems very interesting, but I just don’t know enough to figure i...
HOT -2.69% · open.coop · 4w

The Commons Engine -- interview with Matthew Schutte

This article is the second part of our interview with Matthew Schutte, Communications Director at Holochain, which covers their plans to build a “Commons engine” to help provide co-ops with the tools ...
HOT -2.69% · lrb.co.uk · 5w

The discourse is catching up - London Review of Books (popular magazine among intellectuals) explores Mariana Mazzucato's criticisms of capitalism - reducing value to a single metric, private balance sheets, GDP, 'innovation' and free market, private investment, and loss of collective sense-making

Back in 2004, when he was riding high, before the collapse of the venerable retailer BHS in 2015 and his recent naming in the House of Lords by the Labour peer Peter Hain as a ‘powerful businessman us...