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ETH +1.48% · · 20h

Top 10 Underrated Coins Recap 2019

Top 10 Underrated Coins Recap 2019 Today we go over the top 10 cryptocurrency coins we selected as being underrated 12 months ago. We look at how they perfor...
LINK -7.19% · · 8h

Chainlink Update for 1/16/19

An update on the current state of Chainlink. 1/16/2019. Things are going very well, the price is rising, awareness seems to be spreading. All is going well. ...
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MIOTA 0% · · 7h

IOTA MAM Ultra Lite in Python

Inspired by MAM Lite protocol, a light-weight alternative to MAM streams in IOTA, written by Samuel Rufinatscha I decided to re-implement it in Python. Doing so I stumbled into a few limitations…
EOS +1.86% · · 13h

The next evolution of application development

Each year, companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars trying to connect separate systems and technologies. This is because systems working together are of immense value to companies, but they…
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