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$54.90M 5.53%
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$6.71 - $7.46
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$3.70M -8.30%
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$5.41 - $93.96
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All Time High
ATH Date
February 24, 2018
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1 day
$0.37286 5.52%
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-$0.89199 -11.12%
1 month
-$0.02333 -0.33%
3 months
-$19.15 -72.86%
6 months
-$32.25 -81.89%
1 year
-$36.88 -83.79%
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ELA · elanews.net · 1w

Elephant Consensus

Elephant consensus was named because this discussion reached consensus in Thailand. The Elephant being the national animal and icon of Thailand made this name appropriate. In a general computing sense...
ELA · elanews.net · 1w

Elastos Browser: The SmartWeb of DApps – ELA NEWS

By Kiran Pachhai What is Trinity? Trinity is an Elastos browser project based on chromium engine that is integrated with the Elastos framework. It is an exit from the old internet and an entrance into...
ELA · theblockchaintoday.com · 1w

Good research about Elastos

There are no doubts that the blockchain is the future. Its creation has allowed for the revolution of more than one industry, and it promises to do even more as people grow to understand it even more....
ELA · elanews.net · 2w

Elastos Infographic Contest Winners!

The Elastos Infographic Contest produced many fantastic visuals that express our technology and infrastructure in easy to understand formats. Thank you to everyone who submitted for continuing to help...
ELA · elanews.net · 2w

Elastos Weekly Updates - Aug 31st 2018

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” -Walt Disney The Elastos One Year Anniversary Event was a fantastic celebration for our community with twenty-one different countries represented at our three ...