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Andreas Hassman on tezos.blue: The 'Showcase App' for Tezos Building

Andreas Hassman on tezos.blue: The ‘Showcase App’ for Tezos Building

October 7, 2018 by William Peaster

In the second in a series of interviews on the maturing Tezos ecosystem, Bitsonline talked with Andreas Hassman, who heads up work on tezos.blue, or what Hassman told us was the “showcase app” for what Tezos is capable of.

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Hassman: ‘It’s About Enabling Mainstream Developers to … Bring Useful Products to the Space’

William Peaster, Bitsonline: So there’s the TezBox wallet, and there’s been hardware wallet integrations folks like Juraj Selep have worked on. Then there’s the tezos.blue software wallet you’ve authored for Android, iOS, and Windows. What went into your decision to push forward on tezos.blue?

Andreas Hassman: Yes, we are certainly not short of wallets currently. But tezos.blue is not about a wallet, it’s about enabling mainstream developers to connect to the blockchain and bring useful products to the space. Because, honestly, nobody is doing anything useful with this technology quite yet.

What tezos.blue offers is a development system that lets you create native Tezos applications for all platforms from a common codebase. And the whole thing is mobile and real-time, without the need to run your own node.

The tezos.blue wallet itself is meant to be the showcase app for what can be built on this system. So, the drive behind the rather spartanic wallet is to open up and connect to pools of talent different from the technical pioneers with their strong focus on security and scientific aspects. To attach flesh to the bones, thus facilitating adoption by a wider audience.

The “spartanic” Tezos wallet. Image via tezos.blue.

And there’s the next hitch: imagine we are actually successful, and decentralized stru...

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