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DSTOQ: A Decentralised Stock Exchange Built on Stellar

Introducing DSTOQ, a Decentralised Stock Exchange

Today, we’re very pleased to introduce DSTOQ to the cryptocurrency community.

DSTOQ is the first fully licensed stock exchange that allows users to invest in real-world assets such as stocks, bonds, ETFs and gold using cryptocurrency.

The first fully licensed exchange for tokenized trading

Over the past year, many companies have claimed to be launching platforms for security token trading. However, to our knowledge, no other companies have obtained the appropriate licenses and most claim to be “in the process” of obtaining one.

In January 2018, DSTOQ was granted a Stock Exchange License from Vanuatu, allowing us to trade cryptocurrency for tokenized securities.

On the DSTOQ platform, investors will be able to use cryptocurrency to invest in assets including equity, bonds and gold.

How the DSTOQ exchange works

The current version of the product is running on the Stellar testnet, with all transactions occurring fully on-chain. Each new user is credited with testnet DSQ tokens to play-trade tokenized assets trade against DSTOQ’s token. At the moment, we are displaying how the platform could look in the future. The MVP presented does not represent the final design of the platform. No real-world trades can be made with the MVP.

The MVP demonstrates how users can:

Buy and sell tokenized real-world assets with near-instant settlement Trade and hold assets without high broker fees Trade securely, with full control of their funds and private key

You can try our DSTOQ MVP here:

The DSTOQ Exchange MVP Our plans for the future

In the short to medium term, we are focussing our efforts on launching the DSTOQ exchange, which will allow peer-to-peer trading of tokenized assets.

As demonstrated by the MVP, the exchange is built to be mobile-friendly and will effortlessly allow users to trade cryptocurrency for stocks and bon...

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