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Revain A Review Platform that Breaks Fake ICOs - HodlerXL

Initial Coin Offering plays an essential part in the world of crypto-startups. More traders and investors are getting involved in this kind of digital venture. However, ICO investments are risky. Because of low walls on token sale entry, the market has been unfortunately afflicted by some ICO scams. Most ICOs are faked and made intentionally not to success. Some people have fallen to this scheme trusting the wrong projects and choosing the wrong deal. Revain likes to address this problem and is trying to help every individual have the safest possible experiences. Use the platform to review any ICO projects before starting investment career. It will help you choose the most reliable one.

Revain – An Honest Review Platform

Online reviews are a growing marketing tool today. Word of mouth is proven vital in keeping a decent reputation especially online. To retain a good status on the market, companies need to give high importance on customer reviews and make use of it to improve the business. Regardless of the industry types and company sizes, every project needs positive reviews. It is necessary to ensure that all posted feedbacks are genuine and only based on the actual experiences. Revain has successfully come up on an efficient way to generate authentic customer insights.

Revain is best known for providing real customer feedbacks and is visibly earning a good reputation on review industry. Revain is the most advanced review platform furnished with blockchain technology. Its users can leave feedbacks about companies, services or products and get paid for it. It will be passed through the filtering by AI and manual processing. One of its main features is immutability. Anything placed on the blockchain will remain there permanently. Reviews will never be changed or deleted. If reviews are confirmed authentic, authors will receive rewards.

Revain minimizes chances of having artificially done reviews. Its objective is to deliver adequate a...

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