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ICYMI: #NEM teams up with Mana Labs in reaching larger communities in New Zealand, making #blockchain education and training readily available!

July 25 2018

NEM recently partnered with Mana Labs, a community social enterprise with the goal to improve the quality of life of local communities in New Zealand. It was developed with a plan in mind to provide impact for change, reach larger communities, employ a more strategic approach, living up to its mission of “fusing next generation advancements with matauranga Maori.” Mana Labs is exploring a number of growing areas, including blockchain technology.

With the support of the industry and a cross section of community, Mana Labs has established a collaborative mass of skilled resources. Aside from education and scientific research, it has made collaborations with various organisations that target health, well-being, personal development, and employment prospects among community members.

The scope of partnership between NEM and Mana Labs include:

Conducting regular engagements for blockchain experts and Maori entrepreneurs and communities Allowing access to Mana Labs’ channels for projects that would like to utilize the NEM platform and its $100 million community fund Providing resources and training in order to hone skills and equip developers to further apply the blockchain technology

These will be led by Dalaney Davis, NEM leader from New Zealand, who is focused on growing the NEM ecosystem.

The engagements will carry on after the launch of the NEM Blockchain Hub in New Zealand, a dedicated location for NEM to s...

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NEM Taiwan held its 2nd meetup last December 1st with more than 50 #NEMbers at attendance. Check out the behind-the-scenes of the event.

在暖洋洋的週末下午,chill的來到安和路上很美的辦公室共構中心,沿著手扶梯往下,電視牆放著這次Meet Up的主軸,在NEM代表安全透明的全透明辦公室正對面的,就是這次的論壇會場,會場充滿著NEM的三原色,🧡表示創新能量、💙代表穩定性和信任、💚則表示金融與技術開發,接待桌上有著代表NEM的貼紙和徽章、還有與本次演講主軸相關的Flyers,都讓Techie們愛不釋手。…