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Crypto Jihad: Monero Crowdfunding Page for Muslim Paramilitaries Found on Dark Web

As bizarre as it sounds, a marketplace for crowdfunding paramilitary mujahideen, those engaged in jihad, has been discovered on the dark web.

Accessible only through using the Tor browser, SadaqaCoins is very different from your average crowdfunding marketplace. Donors can send funds in the form of Bitcoin or Monero to help pay for 4×4 pickup trucks, .50 caliber bolt action rifles and ammunition, wind readers for sniping, silencers, and even combat training for aspiring jihadists.

CCN has written before on the subject of raising cryptocurrencies for Sadaqah, the act of alms-giving or charity. In this case, users can donate Bitcoin or Monero for a very different type of “Sadaqa.”

The Bitcoin wallet on the site is empty at the time of writing, and while the site states that no money has been raised so far through Monero or Bitcoin donations, the site is less than a month old at the time of writing.

The site mentions four ways to support the project – advertising to others, buying cryptocurrency to donate, mining crypto for donations, or a fourth method, “hustling” in which the site encourages readers to hack or coerce cryptocurrency from non-Muslims in keeping with the concept of Ghanima, the act of taking “war booty” from non-believers by force. The site quotes Imam Shafi’i as saying

“Ghanima is property that the Muslims seize from the disbelievers by means of overpowering them.”

SadaqaCoins was brought to light by open-source analyst Benjamin Strickland who wrote about it in late August a week after the site launched:

SadaqaCoins has just sprung up. This is the first ever crowdsource site on the dark web made specifically for jihadi projects to be funded through cryptocurrency payments. Some projects involve funding for a larger tor server, 4×4's or sniper lessons… — Benjamin Strick (@BenDoBrown) August 23, 2018

Prices on project ‘We Hunt’ range from $550 for a .50 cal silencer up to $8,8...

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