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Another KIN / Red Bull article

Red Bull, you’ve probably heard of it, it gives you rings right? If not, Red Bull is a leading caffeinated energy drink manufacturer that also has a huge presence within sports. Such sports would include extreme sports like cliff diving, motorsports like air racing and field sports, such as football, through teams such as FC Red Bull Salzburg.

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They are a brand with a huge global reach, selling an impressive 6.3 billion cans of their energy drink each year. With this, one can assume that the customer base for Red Bull is colossal, therefore, customer experience and customer service is a key part of their business model. According to new reports, Red Bull want to use cryptocurrency, to help delve into the minds of customers that are willing to offer feedback on Red Bull’s products and services.

Alongside Swarovski, the Austrian jewelry company, Red Bull are allegedly tapping into the Kik messenger service, and their cryptocurrency platform ‘KinIt’ in order to improve their customer interactions, by offering payments of KIN tokens, in reward for their honesty and feedback about Red Bull and Swarovski products and services.

KinIt is an Android based mobile app that acts as a cryptocurrency wallet and as a base to earn KIN tokens, it can be used to connect brands with customers to ask them to review products, watch advertisements and to generally just interact with the brands themselves.

How will Red Bull make this work?

KinIt, works alongside a chatbot called Swelly. Swelly exists as the ‘front of house’ face through which customers can interact directly. Essentially, Swelly is being used within KinIt to ask customers questions on behalf of Red Bull. The time spent answering these questions allows users to rack up KIN tokens that can be stored within the KinIt app. In return, Red Bull receive rich qualitative data about their customers over an hones...

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