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Welcome Lukas Tassanyi to the IOTA Foundation

Welcome Lukas Tassanyi to the IOTA Foundation

Lukas Tassanyi is a German Student currently doing his Bachelor of Computer Science at the Technical University Dresden. He is better known to the IOTA community as MicroHash for his work in the ecosystem, such as the IOTA Spam Fund and his Medium articles on Qubic. Namely Qubic Lite — his own implementation of the Qubic protocol — reached a lot of interest from the community.

On joining IOTA Ever since I found out about IOTA, I was in complete awe of its lightweight design. Quite soon I started to play around with the libraries which got me involved as a community developer rather quickly. Once Qubic was announced, the concept of writing smart contracts on top of the Tangle motivated me to develop Qubic Lite as a simplified proof-of-concept to showcase that the Qubic theory is indeed feasible. Joining the Qubic Team, I’m excited to contribute to the official version. I feel honored to be working among so many talented individuals and use this opportunity to improve my software engineering skills in this highly professional environment.

Lukas is joining the IOTA Foundation as a software engineer, he will be of great help in the Qubic Team. Give him a warm welcome!

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