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IRI 1.6.0 with local snapshots out now! – IOTA

We know you have all been waiting for this for quite some time. Finally we have finished implementing local snapshots, a feature that allows you to run your node without storing the full transaction history. This means faster synchronization, lower system resource requirements, and no more waiting for global snapshots to prune the database.

While Hans Moog implemented most of the logic behind this feature, reviewing and testing local snapshots has been a huge effort for the whole IRI team.

IRI 1.6.0 is not just about local snapshots. We have been working on many other improvements as well, which we believe will make running a node a much better experience from now on!

What do I need to do?

It’s simple. You just download the latest version and upgrade your node. Local snapshots are enabled by default, with what we believe are reasonable configuration values.

You can of course change things up as you like. For example, you can control how much data the node stores using the following two configuration options:


By default, nodes will store around 30 days worth of transaction data.

You can also change the interval at which synced nodes perform local snapshots using:


Unsynced nodes perform snapshots less frequently, so they can focus resources on getting up to speed first:


You can read more about using local snapshots in the documentation.

Operating public-facing nodes with local snapshots

By default, nodes with local snapshots enabled store around 1 month worth of transaction data.

If you are operating a public node and want to have LOCAL_SNAPSHOT_PRUNING enabled, please stick to at least the default value of LOCAL_SPAPSHOTS_PRUNING_DELAY (40000) or higher.

What else does IRI 1.6.0 contain?

A lot. Many of the improvements were already shared in version 1.5.6 ri...

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