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The Fantastic ETH Berln - Roundup of Talks and Panels from Day 1

The Fantastic ETH Berlin

A first-timer in Berlin weighs in on the blockchain event of the year.

You need to read this if you think the tagline of this piece is an exaggeration; you probably weren’t at ETH berlin. You need to read this if you were; boy can we talk about it for a year!

There’s something to be said about the blockchain scene in Europe. The American community carries a frenetic energy. India and South America had an endearing eagerness to get in on the action, to integrate prodigious talent into the crypto pool. Europe, on the other hand, manages to be inclusive while displaying an easy superiority in ideas and a purity in ideals. Sort of like a really cool professor everyone wants to hang out with, hoping for some of that genius to rub off. You only had to be a fly on the wall at the Factory Mitte venue for a glimpse into the (very exciting) present and the (very bright) future on Ethereum.

A word before we begin, though. After meet-up hopping a bit during the Blockchain Week in Berlin, one comes to peculiar realisation — there isn’t a lot of overlap within the community. Sure, we all read up on alternative chains and projects, but it feels strange to walk into a blockchain event and not recognise most of the people there. But this is a discussion for another time. Besides, there’s so much cool stuff waiting. Let’s dive right in.

It played out like an intimate chamber piece. Set in the basement, a few rows of chairs in front of a barely elevated stage. After a couple of intros, Martin Köppelmann, CEO of Gnosis, stepped on to the stage.

Things are slow and expensive, but life on Ethereum is live. Building on Ethereum is an investment in the future. When dApps are ready, all centralised systems will break. If I want a loan why can’t I collateralise assets we have?’ We hear you, @koeppelmann.

Richard Burton of Balance spoke of a ‘Cambrian explosion of projects. The number of teams working on projects that to...

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