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Nest Team Interviews: Prysmatic Labs

The third of our Aragon Nest Team Interviews is with Prysmatic Labs who are building an Ethereum sharding client.

With this series, we want to bring forth the teams that have received a grant and funding from the Aragon Nest grants program.

Hello Raul & Prysmatic Labs! Could you tell us about your team, how did you get started and what keeps you motivated?

We are Prysmatic Labs, a team of driven open source developers working to improve scalability for Ethereum 2.0. Our project, Prysm, is a new sharding and Casper compatible client for Ethereum.

Our team met organically at the right time and the right place. We were all interested in protocol development and were wondering why no one was working on an implementation of the Sharding FAQ created by Vitalik near the end of last year. Preston and I were the first to connect, we established a team, and started hacking through an open source repo and public Gitter channel. Our team aims to be a big proponent of advancing the state of the art of Ethereum through good code, good documentation, and setting the example for future open source initiatives. The key point is to keep the momentum going, identify everyone’s unique strengths, and ensure we are all working on something we individually enjoy while being pragmatic with what we build.

What made you choose to build on Ethereum, specifically focusing on the sharding and scalability issues?

We love how truly decentralized Ethereum’s development is. People from all backgrounds, languages, and countries can build an Ethereum client or a dApp on the platform. Ethereum already has excellent onboarding through its extensive documentation and example projects built on it. Its rich ecosystem of implementations in Rust, Python, Go, C++, and more, got us excited for the possibility of building its next iteration while maintaining this status quo of unique implementations.

We believe so many people are already familiar with Ether...

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