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More ICO's should offer detailed info on how they'll be spending the funds, like Kheper

Hard Cap | Investment plan

of Kheper Software House

Expenses for launching a successful ICO are really high, especially if the goal is to provide services of high quality to all the participants.

In this article, we are going to present the overall costs we will face, if the Hard Cap of 17$ million will be reached.

The Hard Cap is designed to support all the business activities, the company structure and its future developments over a 5 year-period.

From an upper view, there are 3 categories which group all the expenses:

A) Operating Expenses: these are all the expenses that occur for operating the business.

B) Non-Recurring Expenses: these are expenses which can occur either una tantum or on a rate, not strictly depending on the production activities.

C) Reserve & Treasury service: it refers to a reserve used both for possible risks and liability events and to refill casinos with our treasury service.

Before presenting all the expenses, we would like to inform you that the huge gap between the Soft Cap and Hard Cap is determined essentially by three expenses. Such expenses are highly variable and if the Hard Cap will be achieved, most of the budget will be allocated into them. Our esteem is to ensure the development of the roadmap objectives on time.

Major Hard Cap expenses:

Marketing. In the Soft Cap scenario, we intend to invest 0.1$ million into several marketing activities. Reaching the Hard Cap allows 3$ million allocation, to maximize marketing for sponsoring two different entities characterizing our Project: the Kheper Token and the products and services developed by Kheper Software House; Exchanges. In the Soft Cap scenario, we plan to invest 0.1$ million into smaller exchanges in terms of daily liquidity and transfers. Reaching the Hard Cap allows 3.5$ million allocated into the most important exchanges in the world. We are not allowed to disclose the name of any exchange with w...
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