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Joe Rogan Discusses Peepeth, an Ethereum Based Twitter

On the Joe Rogan podcast (JRE podcast), American singer-songwriter Shooter Jennings and Joe Rogan discussed Ethereum-based Twitter alternative Peepeth, which allows anyone to release permanent tweets embedded into the blockchain, without censorship.

Throughout the podcast, Rogan and Jennings went back and forth on the Alex Jones situation, sharing the general sentiment that Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter should not have banned Jones, disallowing free speech.

In response, Jennings introduced a decentralized social media platform called Peepeth to Rogan, describing its immutable and anti-censorship features.

“There is this thing called Peepeth, it’s a Twitter alternative, it’s just starting. It’s kind of like Twitter but it’s built on the back of Ethereum and so every Tweet or every message you send on it is embedded in the blockchain of Ethereum,” Jennings said.

Merit of Decentralized Systems Alex Jones | Source: Sean P. Anderson/Flickr

As with any decentralized application (dApp), users on the blockchain cannot reverse or alter data that is included in a block, whether it is a transaction or a unique type of information processed using smart contracts.

Jennings explained that decentralized systems are uniquely important as they allow individuals to initiate activities that are not monitored or restricted by a central authority, unlike most existing platforms.

He said:

“You can’t delete anything because it is permanently embedded into the blockchain. I think up to 10 of your messages can be logged in one block of the Ethereum chain so you have to pay a cent of it, they give you some to begin with, and when somebody messages you, it’s kind of like a microtransaction to you, so you have this kind of balance. It sounds complicated but it’s cool. I don’t know if it will become the next rage but it is technologically really fun.”

While Jennings discussed Peepeth as the main example for dApps and decentralized ...

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