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CanYa Founders screw themselves to death by locking their CAN tokens for 12 more months !!!

Majority Re-lock of Founder CAN 17m CAN (85%) of Founder Tokens will be re-locked. Overview

The CanYa ecosystem is powered by trust-minimized technologies, targeting the gig economy and capturing that value in the form of a single digital asset, the CAN token. This token has the following functions:

A unit of account for payments between users A medium of exchange, solving the double coincidence of wants; the freelancer wishes to sell their service for money, whilst the client wishes to buy their service with money A store of value — pegged to the USD price whilst held in escrow A governance token allowing community members to share their input in a sybil-resistant manner An incentive token to trustlessly pay out to entities contributing to the network

Importantly, the CanYa Founders are aligned alongside all CAN token holders to grow value to the CanYa network — in the form of CAN tokens — the same tokens held by all.

From the original white paper, 20% of tokens were escrowed for this purpose, locked for a minimum of 12 months from 08 Jan 2018 — the date of listing of the CAN token.

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