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Charles Hoskinson Fires Shots at BTC maximalists in exclusive interview

Charles Hoskinson started mining Bitcoin back in 2011, before going on to work alongside Dan Larimer in creating Bitshares and co-founding Ethereum with Vitalik Buterin.

The 31-year-old now spearheads technology and engineering company IOHK, whose aim is to use peer-to-peer innovation to provide financial services to three billion unbanked people. The company’s most notable projects include the 8th and 16th largest cryptocurrencies Cardano and Ethereum Classic, as well as open source crypto wallet Daedalus.

Crypto’s transition to the mainstream

During a 30-minute interview at Malta Blockchain Summit, Hoskinson talked to Coin Rivet about the progression of cryptocurrency in the last decade, broadening out from just two communities in 2011 to a stage where even a camel herder in Mongolia owns cryptocurrency.

“The cryptocurrency space has grown in a series of communities; there were the cypher punks, who had been around in money since the 1980s, they were the David Chaum, Nick Szabo and Digicash guys and they were all about ‘if information can move at the speed of light then why can’t money? What is the internet going to do with money?’. Then there were was the other group, a political group, who like private money like the Ron Paul guys, and I was a Ron Paul guy.” he said.

“I worked on the Ron Paul campaign in 2007 so when I joined I was on that side of it. What we were all talking about was ‘is it possible that Bitcoin could achieve stability, reasonable market price and actually become a monetary competitor or maybe some sort of a digital commodity?’. At that stage very few people imagined that we’d reach this level of success.”

He added: “Then in 2013 the next wave came. Silicon Valley started taking it seriously, well established people came in and started to build real businesses, putting billions of dollars into the infrastructure and Bitcoin reached a one billion dollar market cap. That caused the public to say, ‘hey, th...

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