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Trybe TV – An interview with Parsl – Legal cannabis supply chain on EOS (Airdrop date announcement)

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An interview with Dr. Isaac Balbin who is one of the founders of Parsl which is creating a legal cannabis supply chain on the EOS network identifying many problems within existing systems and using smart tracking technology to ensure the legitimacy of the product the entire way from the growing manufacturer right into the hands of the end user.

As undeniable research is presented on the medicinal benefits of marijuana, Dr Balbin is filling a gap bringing legitimacy to the legal cannabis field through blockchain technology… and this system is very well thought out. Ensuring protection for everything from the quality of product, identification, tracking, user feedback and research standards there really isn’t any avenue that Parsl isn’t exploring and has thought it’s way around.

Dr. Balbin is not slouch as I quickly found out… and the striking similarities between the Cannabis industry and blockchains struggle for legitimacy is striking.

A truly thought provoking discussion on many of the factors involved including the need for a system that provides medical standardized lab results, issuance of identification cards, preventing theft and abuse, and just about everything in between needed to fill an emerging gap as the authorities and user base look for a way to create systems for a product that spent so long on the fringe of society. Like it or lump it legal cannabis is here to stay despite being ostracized by many members of government and society.

Not your typical use case, but one that is clearly nee...

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