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The world's first EOS hardware wallet built for dApps is currently being developed

EOS New York have announced that they are building the world’s first EOS hardware wallet built specifically for using dApps.

In a recent tweet, the EOS New York team said: “The EOS blockchain boasts dApps with the best user experience, so it should have a hardware wallet to match.”

The #EOS blockchain boasts dApps with the best user experience, so it should have a hardware wallet to match. The Metro is your pass to the world of EOS. Stay tuned to grab your reservation. pic.twitter.com/t4Ev7xYIgf — EOS New York (@eosnewyork) January 7, 2019 A hardware wallet for your grandmother

When asked on Twitter if the Metro hardware wallet the team were building should be limited to hobbyists, the team replied back saying the wallet will be aimed at everyone and that they “want your grandmother to be able to use it.”

At present, no release dates, potential prices, or technical specifications of the wallet have been released.

The EOS New York team concluded their post by saying: “The Metro is your pass to the world of EOS. Stay tuned to grab your reservation soon.”

Are dApps taking off on EOS?

We have recently seen a surge of dApp activity on the EOS network. For example, the decentralised gambling website EOSMax has seen over $18 million worth of bets placed since it launched, and had 833 users in just the past 24 hours – according to data from dApp radar.

EOSMax is a gambling application where users can play casino games like virtual slot machines and dice games on the blockchain. Of course, as with most blockchain-based games, all results can be verified, and with EOSMax, 100% of all game profit is distributed to holders of the platform’s native MAX token.

Another very popular dApp on the EOS blockchain is EOS Dice. Over the last couple of months, the application has consistently seen over 2,000 daily users and between $5-10 million in transaction volume.



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