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Exodus: The Movement of Jah Blockchain. Check out our breakdown of Ethereum dApp migration to EOS

The Great dApp Exodus: Projects Moving to EOS Blockchain

In the three short months since the launch of the EOS mainnet many exciting things have occurred. But few are more exciting than the seemingly steady drumbeat of dApps migrating from Ethereum to EOS.

The decision to port your project onto a different blockchain is significant, and we are pleased to see some of the most promising blockchain developers are choosing the EOS mainnet to deliver speed and scalability to their users. The list of projects continues to grow, but here are some of the most exciting projects we’ve seen coming to EOS:

EOSBET   On July 12th, EOSBET announced they will be moving away from Ethereum entirely and turning their efforts solely towards building on the EOS mainnet. Since the move, EOSBET has become the most popular EOS dApp by weekly transaction volume (18.1million) and continues to go from strength to strength.

Medipedia   Medipedia (MEP) is a decentralized healthcare app that wants to eliminate the role of intermediaries in the growing health tourism industry. The project is using blockchain technology to offer peer-to-peer matching and consultation services, as well as other healthcare related offerings.

The MEP token was originally based on the Ethereum blockchain ERC-20 standard, but Medipedia said they made the decision to move over to EOS because “scalability and transaction speed on the Ethereum network is limited.”

Tixico   Tixico is a platform which allows users to buy event tickets on secondary markets, using blockchain technology to ensure secure transactions, fair prices and fraud protection.

The project said “Ethereum doesn’t fulfil our needs and requirements anymore especially when looking forward to the future developments” and announced they will be moving to EOS for better performance, scalability, low latency and no transaction fees.

Billionaire Token   Billionaire Token was an Ethereum ERC-20 toke...

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