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State of EOS onboarding - October Update

It’s the beginning of the month and thus a perfect time to take a new look at how EOS is doing, as regards creation of new accounts and also a few other account related stats.

Since my last article, that showed a significant spike in new accounts (compared to the mainnet launch snapshot), nearly 2 months have passed. So are there new users coming or are they staying away? 

In my view, the numbers are still really good, but not breathtaking:

There are, as of October 5, 354 094 EOS accounts, so that’s more than double from the Genesis Snapshot counting 169 930 accounts.

It means that on average there are 1473 new accounts created daily, which again, isn’t bad, but it is less, than what the report figures showed in mid August, when it was at impressive 2370 accounts created daily (maybe that was the point in time, when many new tools and wallets for account creation popped up, which all didn’t exist before).

As some have pointed out, of course, there are many folks which hust created additional accounts, but i guess, this is becoming less and less of a factor, because who needed it, or wants to hoard, has already done this. On the other hand, although this number seems low in absolute measures, it is important to note, that maybe the vast majority of tokens is still on exchanges, and there one account in principle represents hundreds if not thousands of EOS investors.

Take a look at the detailed stats yourself:

Current figures Taken from @eosnewyork account snapshot service, Thx!

Active accounts on EOS

Just recently i also stumbled over Coinmetrics, another stats service, that does compare active crypto accounts. If you compare BTC, ETH and EOS, its apparent, EOS with its 65 8283 active accounts, has a long way to go. But it also demonstrates the steep increase of accounts used actively:

EOS Accounts voting

Finally to another number, that of user accounts that are voting: this is still at a meager 33,55...

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