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Simple EOS Dev Environment

This is a beginner’s guide, to setup a simple development environment for the EOSIO blockchain, which will get you up and running in five simple steps from zero to your first smart contract in less than 10 minutes. Afterwards, you will know how to code and test your own smart contracts on an EOS testnet quickly and for free. In this guide we make use of simple tools, which offer a great developer experience, such as the eosio.cdt (Contract Development Toolkit), the Kylin testnet and the eosc command line wallet. We’re using a development machine, running the Ubuntu 18.04 operating system.

So let’s get started!

1. Account, Keys and Tokens

The Kylin Testnet, which is run by several high class block producers, allows easy and fast access to a (non-productive) EOSIO blockchain, using it’s free Account and Faucet services. We’re going to create a new EOS account (12 character name) on the testnet, including @owner and @active keypairs and charge it up with 100 dummy EOS tokens.

Let’s call our new EOS account: dummyaccount

curl http://faucet.cryptokylin.io/create_account?dummyaccount { “msg”: “succeeded”, “keys”: { “active_key”: { “public”: “EOS7kNBssiunoW7VGcx79BXGUvjbgcaPva4azRwhuTXRfJJ192DJ2”, “private”: “5J1SYvRP1JpWBtk85a4zAbXUmAyBqtr3r58hLuDF5YX6HdcfTYo“ }, “owner_key”: { “public”: “EOS6nUXrdodNwRspd7Z42Yp8nRH44wuJNYYoVHSMddr28KKS6Ke4J”, “private”: “5KQzVMR9sZ8sRmRb3NQEzyW43peUow6pYLo831AAXGyEZP7h77z” } }, “account”: “dummyaccount” } curl http://faucet.cryptokylin.io/get_token?dummyaccount { “msg”: “succeeded” }

Save your @owner and @active keypairs somewhere safe, you’ll need them for the next steps.

2. Wallet and CLI

Next we will download and install the eosc command line wallet, by EOS Canada, in order to interact with the EOS blockchain (currently v1.1.0). This will help us to safely store our private keys and send transactions to the blockchain.

mkdir eosc && cd eosc curl -LO https://github.com/eoscan...
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